Demo Setup

Reptile Auction Setup Instructions

Follow the direction below to create both a vendor account and also a buyer account. You can then see and test the functions of the reptile auction.

Step One

Before starting you will need to have the following:

  • Seperate email address for your buyer account
  • And another for your Vendor account.

You can use the same password for both accounts to make it easy

If your interested in all the features click this link to see….


Step Two (Buyer Account)

Create a basic customer/buyer account, this will be used to bid on auctions with as a customer. You can skip this step and go to the Vendor setup but you will not be able to bid on any auctions that you create with your store.

  • Click on the Account menu link above, and fill in the register now section
  • Make up a username like “buyerone”
  • Use the email you decided to use as your buyer account
  • Test phone number (000) 000-0000

Click the register button, this will create your account and log you in and bring you to your dashboard.

You can skip the next part

Until you try to place a bid and it will make you enter credit card info so that you can place a bid


While at your dashboard look in the menu on the left “AUCTION PAYMENT METHOD” click here and enter the following TEST CC info

  • You will need to use this TEST CC# 4242424242424242
  • Expiration Date can be any future date ex:12/35
  • CVC code is any three digits

You can now use the menu at the top, click on “ALL AUCTIONS” now you can place a bid on any auction on the site.

Step Three (Vendor Account)

To create a vendor account use the top menu and click on “MEMBERSHIPS”. I would choose the Unlimited account. Click the “Get Started” button on the bottom of your choice. Fill out all of the profile field in this step you MUST give a valid address, country, and zip.

  • Address 1*: Use valid address like your home
  • Choose US as country
  • Use matching zip to the address
  • Test phone number (000) 000-0000

This is needed to pass validation rules to create the account even tho its really fake.

Click confirm, you should get green successful message.

Now click the radio dot next to the only payment method available, followed by the proceed button.

Stripe Payment

Fill this out with the information used prior

  • Your vendor email address
  • Use this American Express # 378282246310005
  • Expiration Date can be any future date ex:12/35
  • CVC code is any three digits
  • Your Name
  • ZIP used prior

Click the subscribe button, after a few moments you should get a green check bar and be taken to the store setup.

Go through the store setup, upload a logo etc. Select FLORIDA as the state. Type a short description of your store. Most of the fields should be prefilled for you. Click continue…

Payment Setup (stripe)

Click the blue connect with stripe button

  • Use the TEST phone number 0000000000, click continue.
  • click the use test code button
  • The next step ask about the business, I have alwaysed used the default US and individual. If other options are chosen other info maybe needed
Verify Your Personal Details

Most of the field should be filled out for you. Except you must use the following info in TEST mode.

  • Date of Birth must be 01/01/1901
  • Address line one, again must be the valid address used before for your vendor account
  • Phone must be 0000000000
  • Last 4 of Social Security number must be 0000
  • Next Page, choose RETAIL and OTHER MERCHANDISE
  • Next Page, click use test account button
  • Next Page, Agree and Submit
Store Dashboard

You will be brought to your store dashboard, finish any of the steps to complete your store setup.

Now logged in as a vendor you can create reptile auctions.

Reptile Auctions Online